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Keeping My Eye on AI: Take 2

  In the last article, I talked about the many applications of AI in web design, from automation to content creation to making websites more accessible and inclusive.   Today, we’ll do a deep dive into the benefits and pitfalls[...]

Categories: Branding, Digital Marketing

3 Insights To an Unforgettable Brand

One of the only party games I ever won at (because it was clearly uncomplicated and highly visual) was Logo Party. Remember it? Symbols void of names that put your branding memory to the test.   It was great satisfaction[...]

Categories: Branding

Rebranding America’s Malls

Urban malls and flagship stores are struggling to adjust to the rise of eCommerce shopping and lack of foot traffic. In fact, retailers like Sears, Kmart, and Macy's are being decimated. Amazon, Walmart, and Target successfully drive sales through the[...]

Categories: Branding, Digital Marketing, Print, San Diego Digital Marketing

Digitally Distinct in 2019

Stuffed with holiday carbs and a sugar hangover, today I'm finally done with feeling overdone and ready to forge ahead into 2019. Calendars are flying off the shelves (I still like to glance at my paper calendar on the wall)[...]

Categories: Branding, Digital Marketing

The Use of Motion in Marketing

I started out in the newspaper industry creating ads using bursts, arrows, drop shadows, and when it really got exciting, a splash of 100% yellow. My job was to create a loudspeaker against a sea of grey that would push[...]

Categories: Branding, Digital Marketing, Internet Marketing

The Brilliant Brillo Box

  When Warhol first came to New York, he was a commercial illustrator dreaming of becoming a famous artist. He worked for the Mad Men crowd on Madison Avenue and tried to fit in by wearing an ordinary suit. Wow![...]

Categories: Branding, Marketing Strategy, Social Media

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