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Keeping My Eye on AI: Take 2

  In the last article, I talked about the many applications of AI in web design, from automation to content creation to making websites more accessible and inclusive.   Today, we’ll do a deep dive into the benefits and pitfalls[...]

Categories: Branding, Digital Marketing

A Photo’s Worth a Trillion Words

Guess where I escape to when digital marketing challenges and life in general give my brain the swirly twirls?   Nope Definitely not social media, nor Crown Royal, not even my music. My number one go-to is looking at pages[...]

Categories: Digital Marketing

The Digital Shopping Revolution

Adapting to change has always been my normal. I don’t always like it, but unforeseen challenges offer the opportunity to once again, overcome. Digital change is happening at breakneck speed. I know that soon ‘digital marketing’ will become a historical[...]

Categories: Digital Marketing

Influencer Digital Marketing Makes All Your Dreams Come True

Back in the day it was about gold-medal Olympic athletes endorsing dry cereal on television. Today it’s about people called Pewdiepie raking in 60M a year from a chair in his front room through a YouTube channel. It’s every brand’s[...]

Categories: Digital Marketing

The NFT Digital Marketing Mystery

Remember the movie Back to the Future II, when Marty McFly travels to the future and is almost eaten by a holographic shark that lunges from a movie theatre sign? This was what writers for 1989’s blockbuster movie imagined digital[...]

Categories: Digital Marketing

Get Your Pie in the Sky to Materialize

In the classic movie, Field of Dreams (1989) the main character Ray, walks through a vast cornfield and hears a voice say, “If you build it, they will come.” This fleeting scene inspires the audience to dream big. A big[...]

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