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Why Template Design Reminds Me of Dry Toast

May I please have have a buttery mess with a splash of red jam?   Sometimes watching movies can be a challenge for me. The more visually stimulating the colors and scenery, the less I pay attention to the story.[...]

Categories: Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Marketing Agency

Direct Mail: Trick or Trust?

  In a study from Marketing Sherpa, 76% of surveyed consumers said they trust traditional advertising like direct mail over online channels such as pop up ads, banner ads, video posts and social media marketing. The results from this digital[...]

Categories: Direct Mail, Graphic Design, Print

For the Love of Print

  Call me washed-up and done and over, but I still wage the war in keeping print alive and well, and I always will. Here's why:   Print Establishes an Emotional Connection Custom-designed printed materials, in particular, captivate the eyes[...]

Categories: Branding, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Large Format Graphics, Print

2017 Graphic Design Trends

Sleek photography and bold text balanced with a vibrant color palette is where it's at. This combination communicates class and energy. It is a clear and concise message, that connects quickly with the audience on an emotional level. This combination[...]

Categories: Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Marketing

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