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Sending Our (digital marketing) Love

  I'm not easily taken by surprise by much these days, but when I went head first into social media marketing as another career path I quickly came to the realization that it was both stressful and addicting. Surprise! Who[...]

Categories: Branding, Digital Marketing, Social Media

Why Digital Marketing?

While traditional marketing (e.g. direct mail, print advertising, and billboards) still holds its place, most millennials want access to information when they want it, and how they want it. We are a savvy, sophisticated, and fast-paced society. StraightFire's sole purpose[...]

Categories: Digital Marketing, Social Media, Web Marketing

Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Instagram

  Social media continues to evolve and provide a number of ways for brands to target their customers. The following represents two examples of how StraightFire Digital Marketing can incorporate direct response initiatives into your social media strategy.   Collection[...]

Categories: Digital Marketing, Social Media, Web Marketing

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