3 Insights To an Unforgettable Brand

Successful Branding Communicates Trust

One of the only party games I ever won at (because it was clearly uncomplicated and highly visual) was Logo Party. Remember it? Symbols void of names that put your branding memory to the test.


It was great satisfaction for me amongst my peers to finally win at something even if it was a short-lived spotlight. Soon, I would be losing at Monopoly or checkers or chess and once again take my familiar place.


I think kids liked playing against me because it was a guaranteed win for them. Sigh.


Maybe the exhilaration of a Logo Party victory is what drove my career as a web marketing and brand specialist? I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not…


What I am sure of is that the game showcases the power of connecting people’s memory and emotions to a brand. Strategic and careful branding of any high-profile company plays a huge role in just how high they will go.


What about your brand? Is it sticky and unforgettable? Does it resonate with your target audience in a positive way? If so, you will know. Sales will rise steadily, your ROI will make financial sense, employee culture will be content, and your customers will return time after time.


If this is not your experience, the lack of a solid brand might be the primary reason your company is lacking momentum.


1) Why is Brand So Important?
If I showed you an image of the top of my laptop with its engraved symbol, you wouldn’t hesitate to name the company. The same is true of the red and white waves on a Coke can, the Nike swoosh, and the list goes on.


But it isn’t just the familiar name of a company. You have an entire narrative about what that brand represents, it’s overall vibe, and the emotion it sparks. For example, you might associate Apple with high-tech fashion, Coke with a cheeseburger, and Nike with hip hop talent.


Those narratives aren’t an accident — these brands have spent millions of dollars creating the perfect imagery, hired famous influencers, and showcased themselves on multiple platforms to make sure it is right in front of their target audience everywhere they look. As a result, they dominate their industries and net billions of dollars every year.


If you had a choice between being gifted a Rolex or a Tissot, you’d choose the Rolex because wearing it will make you feel prestigious, powerful, and seen. You’ve probably never heard of a Tissot watch until now.


No one has to specify that Rolex is a watch. Everyone already knows. That’s the power of genius branding.


2) Build Your Own Brand
A successful brand conveys credibility, while an underfunded brand creates doubt. We suggest allocating 8-10% of your overall company revenue for guaranteed marketing and branding success.


What do you want your brand to represent and stand for? How does your target market spend their time? These vital first-steps are the springboard for all your branding efforts. Just like Betty Crocker stands for comfort food and Straightfire is all about honest web marketing, you need to decide what your brand narrative is going to be.


Once you have a brand narrative written out and made clear to your marketing team, you will need to share it widely. For example:

• Design your brands visual identity. Your brand identity is how you want your brand to be perceived, so test logo concepts, colors, and visual options with a target audience before making a final decision. Check out United Airlines recent rebrand.

• Make sure your website describes your brand story in customer-focused language. See Anheuser-Busch as an example.

• Spread the news efficiently throughout appropriate social media channels, digital advertising, and print advertising. See Kraft on Facebook.


Once you start sharing the brand message, there’s just one thing left to do: live up to it.


3) Live Out Your Brand Honestly
Branding is about perception and if there’s one thing people are quick to notice, it’s when companies don’t live up to their brand narrative. What was once the key driver of soaring success, can quickly become a downfall.


Make sure your brand image is something you truly believe in and treat your customers with consistent respect and honesty. Be careful to grow slowly, so quality can remain a priority. Live out the message you share, and watch your brand bring your business to new levels of success.


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