The Use of Motion in Marketing

Movement is just as critical today as it's always been

I started out in the newspaper industry creating ads using bursts, arrows, drop shadows, and when it really got exciting, a splash of 100% yellow. My job was to create a loudspeaker against a sea of grey that would push merchandise, sell real estate and cars, and entice Sunday brunch. We called it schlock. Schlock has morphed over time, but it still exists. A sign spinner for Little Caesar’s, or maybe a billboard with moving parts, a waving inflatable, or a rotating spotlight, all momentarily turning heads by use of motion. Regardless of whether you make a sudden pit stop or not, the movement got your attention and more importantly, you remembered it. Motion sells. It always has, and always will.
Today’s Richer Results
The use of motion today is as critical to marketing and advertisement as it’s always been. Motion gets the point across faster and clearer, and today’s world is all about speed. StraightFire embraces motion in marketing through a diverse and sophisticated digital platform that also easily gathers data to support it’s rich results.
Website Videos
For most industry, a video on a website is a very powerful tool. It builds immediate trust and communicates quickly. In the land of YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn, people not only have incredibly short attention spans, they also have a desire to absorb information passively. Do you remember the elation you felt as a student when a substitute teacher announced to the class that today’s lesson would be taught by a video? It didn’t have to be an entertaining movie, either. It could just be an educational video and the mood was lifted in the classroom. Why? Because most people absorb and retain information more easily through visual explanation. You didn’t have to do anything but watch and learn. Less effort. Video can also be very personal and gives the audience immediate insights into a personality based on body language, eye contact, and the tone in which someone speaks. This is what your customer wants when learning about you as a person, and your brand.
Website Pop-ups
Gone are the days when website pop-ups were immediately discarded as spam. When used appropriately, pop-ups are an incredibly effective way to prompt your visitors to respond. I know an author who has built a six-figure writing empire by simply building her email list. How did she do it? Every time a reader visited her website, within the first thirty seconds, a pop-up would appear offering a free exclusive book in exchange for the visitor’s email address. In this context, it works because you already have a visitor interested in your brand and your services.
Geofence Advertising
Ever had a discount pop up on your phone hours or days after leaving your hotel in Vegas? Geofence advertising is the mobile equivalent of the waving sign…but much more intelligent and effective. It targets consumers based on their geographical proximity, data-driven interests, and current needs. This is a technique that can prove very profitable if the ads are visually designed towards the target market and when clicked on, leads to a landing page. StraightFire successfully implements this strategy for a wide range of our clients.
Logo Animation
But why limit motion to advertisements? Audiences have long been accustomed to moving logos thanks to the film industry. Everyone associates the roaring lion in the golden ring with MGM Studios. The galloping Pegasus of TriStar is my personal favorite. The point is: movement within your company’s logo can be yet another element that separates your business from the pack, and more importantly, creates a memory with your brand.
Chatbots can simulate human interactions with customers and potential customers to create a more satisfying experience. They are vital for international and national digital marketing where there are time differences and missing potential customers, is not an option. They “speak” for you when you are asleep, on vacation, or working on a deadline. Many consumers would rather interact with a bot than a human with a thick accent. They are fast and convenient. Pizza giant Domino’s is a perfect example of this. They launched a chatbot on Facebook Messenger, allowing users to simply send “PIZZA” to Domino’s Messenger and then proceed to order from the auto-response menu. The company brilliantly introduced this chatbot shortly before the 2017 Super Bowl, taking advantage of Facebook’s one billion plus active Messenger users.
Whether you choose to start with a simple introductory video, experiment with geofencing or utilize chatbots, there is an entire world of motion-driven marketing tools to help you build brand awareness. As always, we are here to answer questions and give free guidance as marketing options can be complex and overwhelming.

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