Human Touch Branding

A Powerful Memory

We won an overnight stay at a DoubleTree this past weekend and relished the needed break from our noisy digital world. Of course, my marketing brain never really shuts off completely (EVER) and I started thinking about their famous chocolate chip cookies they so generously hand out. Human touch marketing is still a proven method of gaining and more importantly, retaining happy customers. There is no substitute for one on one interactions with your customers as they usually create a lasting memory that begins with a handshake and a smile. In the DoubleTree cookie case their 75,000 cookie-a-day-handout transcends all cultures, age groups, financial status and taste buds. The fact is no matter how poor or how superb a guest felt about a particular stay, they often talked about how good the signature cookies were on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and other social networking or online review sites. This clever branding has achieved media exposures on all mainstream news networks as well… so, do you think it’s worth adding a human touch to your brand?

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