Don’t be a Spam Man!

Chopped Junkmail and Inbox Jam

Don’t send email campaigns that end up as SPAM. If you buy lists or poorly maintain your own list, you run the risk of damaging your professional reputation. Clients, or potential ones, might peg you as a sender they don’t want to do business with. Take the time to send your email campaigns to only well-maintained lists and subscribers that you know are interested in what you have to say or sell, and consider:
• TARGETING YOUR MESSAGE: The more your message resonates to the recipient, the more likely they are to convert. Send email campaigns to small groups with an individualized message.
• CHECKING YOUR STATISTICS: Determine which messages work, and which do not. Adjust your message and content accordingly.
• BEING BRAND AWARE: If your landing page, website, and social media looks like the moon, and your email campaign looks like the sun, that’s a big red flag to recipients.
• KEEPING IT SHORT AND SWEET: Keep the subject line and headline compelling, the visuals memorable, and the text minimal, leading the eye to a clear and easy-to-locate call to action.
• THE LAYOUT SIZE: More than half of all emails are opened on a mobile device so keep your layout to 600 pixels wide, short as possible. Responsive design is optimal.
Sometimes a beautiful design can only take you so far and when you’re not careful, strategic, and proactive with your email campaigns, mistakes can happen. StraightFire provides tailored guidance and management of campaigns from start to finish.

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