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Canvas Ads and More

Social media continues to evolve and provide a number of ways for brands to target their customers. The following represents two examples of how StraightFire Digital Marketing can incorporate direct response initiatives into your social media strategy.
Collection Ads
This March, Facebook introduced Collection, a mobile ad format that is response-focused and allows brands to pair their existing product feeds with video content. With Collection, retailers can manually choose products to be shown alongside a video or static ad on Facebook and Instagram, or the platforms can automatically pull popular products from a brand’s site. Previously, product feeds were only used for remarketing, through dynamic product ads. This new format expands the bottom-of-funnel tactics that are now available to advertisers. Collection Ads enable you to drive product discovery, provide seamless browsing, and turn demand into sales.
Canvas Ads
First introduced in 2016, Facebook’s Canvas Ads have recently grown in popularity. Canvas Ads are just as they sound— blank spaces to tell your business’ story. These ads consist of full-screen videos and images, text, and call-to-action buttons. They can be used with all Facebook ad formats including carousels, static images, and videos.
Instagram Stories
When Instagram Stories released advertising capabilities in March, brands could only run reach campaigns, limiting the tool to top-of-funnel initiatives. Now, Instagram offers a number of ad objective to allow for full-funnel solutions: video views, website clicks, and website conversions. Brands are no longer limited to reach and brand awareness tactics, and can create campaigns that lead to purchases and drive revenue.
To learn more about how to take advantage of Facebook and Instagram marketing, contact the social media team at StraightFire Digital Marketing.

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