For the Love of Print

Stop Getting Small

Call me washed-up and done and over, but I still wage the war in keeping print alive and well, and I always will. Here’s why:
Print Establishes an Emotional Connection
Custom-designed printed materials, in particular, captivate the eyes and hearts of an audience. Distinctive features such as unique inks, foiling techniques, die cuts, folds and textures help brands deliver positive, engaging and powerful results that increase promotional efforts. Non-profits that depend on the generosity of philanthropists are a good example of emotionally-based spending. But then again, there are plenty of spending decisions made that are based purely on our emotions.
Print is Large
After spending hours “getting small” with our heads buried and eyes blinded in our digital devices, doesn’t it just feel good to look up and see some color splashed on a poster, billboard or across a building? It’s a big world out there and large format graphics still work in spreading a complete brand message.
Print is Personal
Unique print material tailored to each individual recipient, drives relevant, timely, cost efficient and effective campaigns. We all like to feel special and when our name shows up in our mailbox (yes, I mean direct mail) in relationship to our favorite products or services, it’s a very successful form of marketing. 65 percent of consumers have made a purchase as a result of receiving individualized direct mail (Direct Marketing Association) and 81 percent of direct mail recipients read or scan their printed material daily (United States Postal Service). I know I do.
While digital media is fast, and effective, it’s not necessarily the only answer in effective marketing. A well-researched marketing plan will almost always include some form of printed material. StraightFire offers guidance through the process of selecting which digital and print media combination will work best for each of our clients. We are everything digital, and everything print.

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