Happiness, connection, loneliness. What are people looking for on social media?

Meet their need with what you post

We live in a day and age where society is deluged with an over abundance of media, advertising and excessive stimuli…so much so that it’s next to impossible to hold the attention of the average Joe for more than a few seconds. That said, the one form of media that has emerged to capture Joe’s attention (and now obsession), is social media.
Any business that wants to grow in today’s digital world must have some social media presence. At the very least, prospective customers will check you out on social media as a form of reputation management. At the very most, a well thought out social media campaign can be your number one income producing marketing tool. So which platform should you invest your time and dollars into? A good place to start is determining what void people are hoping to fill on each platform.
A Hot Mess
Satisfying the emotional state of a viewer on social media (or any marketing platform) is key. The range of emotions viewers experience while on social media might seem a bit bi-polar, but the survey results below can help serve as a guide towards a logical conclusion. According to a recent Snap-commissioned survey, for example, 95 percent of Snapchat users said it makes them feel “silly.” A good fit for your business?

Should you pursue Instagram to “inspire” brand awareness through “entertaining” posts or is LinkedIn a better fit to gain important business contacts? Will my product or service get hits on YouTube videos designed to “inspire” and “captivate”, or what about Facebook as a means of keeping viewers “informed” about latest business developments? Tapping into and satisfying an emotional need is critical for successful digital marketing.
Here is a very brief rundown on the different social media platforms we recommend for the business-minded, why users typically engage with them, and how often to post.
Facebook is still the giant fish in the pond of social media. With over two billion users, many of whom are on for family connections, this site will have your biggest pool of users. It is also important to note that users primarily use the platform to stay in touch with loved ones (both on public feeds and via messenger), share photos, and learn about events. Audience targeting is key for effective use.
How often to post: Boosted posts 1-2 times a week, advertising campaigns (video or otherwise) weekly.
Twitter is a hub of public conversation. Many users engage with the platform to receive their news, discuss it with others, and gain a pulse for the opinions of others in society. Opinions are openly shared with private citizens and public individuals alike. The platform has been ideal for larger brands and news organizations.
How often to post: Twitter is volatile with its followers, and takes very consistent, daily plus posting to grow and maintain them.
Instagram is one of the fastest rising social media platforms on the block. Many users choose it for the sake of image (and video) sharing with people they know as well as following influencers they know of. It is particularly appealing to businesses whose target audiences are Millennials and Generation Z.
How often to post: Daily posts will create the greatest return, 2-3 times a week minimum.
LinkedIn is one of the most unique social media platforms in that its intended purpose is for professional connection. This is a terrific source for business-to-business networking, recruitment, and forging potentially lucrative relationships. Depending on your business’s field, LinkedIn may prove more profitable than any other platform.
How often to post: We recommend 1-2 weekly written responses to other posts, 1-2 weekly business-related or video posts, 1-2 monthly articles.
YouTube is an incredibly powerful social media platform as more and more individuals are shifting towards video-based information than ever before. There now exists “YouTube celebrities” and “YouTube millionaires;” all people who built successful personal brands utilizing this platform. Viewers specifically seek this platform to learn about topics of interest, discover new products to buy, and be entertained by those who consistently share video content.
How often to post: Consistency is the key to success on this platform so if you are not prepared to release new videos on a regular basis, this platform may not be a good place to start investing.
We highly recommend starting with one social media platform based on your research and then expanding to others as your bandwidth and staffing permits. Rome was not built in a day but with patience, research, and a clear vision of your marketing goals, your empire will also surely rise.
If you need help determining why your social media may not be working or need help with where to start, we always offer free assessment, no pressure.

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