Keeping My Eye on AI

Web Design at Warp Speed

As a web designer, I am challenged by the fact that we have entered a world-wide race alongside Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the forerunner. It’s happening so fast that by the time this blog posts there will be new developments in web marketing to learn and implement.


Slow Mo, No Mo
I remember back in the 90s it was against school rules to show up for math class with a calculator in your pocket. Math never came easy, but I followed protocol and ‘learned to learn’ math by spending time studying, making mistakes, asking questions, more study, mistakes, questions, until I forged my way with typically a “C” grade. A slow, disappointing, and torturous task at best. AI has the same capability to learn, but at a much faster pace and with a 5.0 GPA.


Warp Speed Ahead
Today, our world is spinning headlong toward implementing AI into almost every sector I can imagine (except my tailor… maybe robotics?) including website design and web marketing. We are on the brink of yet another quantum leap, and I must stay relevant regardless of the fear that surfaces or the threat it may pose. As a digital marketer, adapting quickly and pivoting is just part of my job description.


Superior User Experience (UX)
AI-powered chatbots as online assistance are now commonplace on websites. These digital right hands offer instant customer support and highly personalized interactions. Intelligent systems use natural language processes coupled with machine learning to understand what users are asking and to provide a timely and relevant response. Hootsuite asserts that chatbots can offer up FAQs instantly, provide 24/7 support and enhance the overall customer journey.


Automated Website Design
AI can easily automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks involved in the web design process. This can allow designers to channel their energy into visual creativity and innovation. AI tools such as Jasper for content and Fronty for image-to-html conversion, can aid web designers to create highly successful websites that are specifically targeted at an ideal audience. The Influencer MarketingHub notes that AI can also help web developer’s base designs on consumer behavior and data, which is vital in designing websites that appeal to a niche market.


Mobile Responsiveness
Artificial intelligence can and will continue to play a role in the responsiveness and adaptability of web design. AI can now help us to ensure that our websites adapt seamlessly between screen types, mobile devices, sizes, and resolutions. AI algorithms can make it so that a site automatically adjusts its media, fonts, and layout so that users get a similarly enjoyable experience across all platforms. That’s a huge time-saver as a web designer. There are also AI tools that allow designers to quickly breeze through A/B testing that result in knowing which version of the page or site will convert more effectively.


AI-Assisted Content
AI has a way to go with replacing humans when it comes to communicating the subtle nuances required to resonate with an audience. I learned this recently from a 60 Minutes segment where they touched on the misinformation produced by Bard, and the challenges that are still ahead with perfecting AI. However, AI is useful in helping web developers know which keywords and content structures resonate with a particular audience, eliminating many hours formerly needed to lay a solid foundation for content strategy.


Accessibility and Inclusivity
Perhaps the most welcome hand that AI can give the world of web design is in helping developers create accessible and inclusive designs. AI can leverage computer vision and speech recognition to assist website visitors that have disabilities in navigating the sites effectively. In other words, AI can make it easier to open up your website to an audience that may not have had access before.


While artificial intelligence has many perks in the world of business and can make my profession more efficient, it’s not quite ready to replace the knowledge and expertise of an experienced web designer. AI is here to stay and Straightfire will continue to embrace the change to ensure that our clients stay current and relevant in an age that prioritizes perfect data and speed.


…just in case you were wondering, this blog was written by a human.

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