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Google’s SEO power tools

Since its inception in 1998, Google has arguably been the most important internet resource we’ve seen to date. It is a powerhouse of indexed information and is so vital to the average person’s internet experience, that the company has now become a verb in the daily lexicon.
But Google has expanded its usefulness beyond simple web search. More people are using Google than ever before as a marketing tool. If you want your business to prosper, it is essential to know what Google offers for business owners and how to properly unleash these powerful tools.
Google Knowledge Graphs
If you’ve ever browsed the internet, chances are you’ve seen a Google Knowledge Graph. Simply put, the knowledge graph is the online card of information that sits to the right of your screen when you search a person, object, or topic. The card contains the most relevant information on the subject. For example, if you were to search “Leonardo da Vinci,” his knowledge graph would show his portrait, a one-word summary of his profession (polymath), his dates of birth and death, the art period he was associated with, and a brief snapshot of his family and biography – all without the user having to think further.
I cannot stress the importance of this tool enough. It’s like a mini website without the investment of time taken to search and hunt. The speed in which a potential customer understands your value to them, is the key to successful marketing. If you have a business, you want it featured on a knowledge graph. This adds legitimacy to your business, gives potential customers a quick and easy overview of what you offer, and makes your business stand out against the pack of competition that may not have their offer available in such a clean and succinct manner. A knowledge graph also increases your SEO reach, allowing your brand to be top of mind for consumers.
So the obvious question is: how do I create one? Chances are, if you own a business and have a listing on Google, you probably already have a simplified knowledge graph. The key is to optimize it to its maximum income-earning potential. You can do this on your own through Google My Business, or have an SEO marketing professional optimize it for you. Not everyone has the time or patience for this detail, so StraightFire can make sure your knowledge graph represents your brand and is fully maximized with powerful content.
Google Posts
Another effective SEO tool often neglected by business owners is Google Posts. Though this isn’t the official name of the tool (Google hasn’t named it yet), it is essentially a way for business owners to go onto their Google My Business profile and communicate directly with their potential customers. You can post promotions, discounts, and useful educational content to drive your SEO and discoverability up.
This gives you a higher rank in Google and allows you to place well-timed call-to-actions under your Google listing. Consistency is key to this tool so be sure to post relevant information at least once a week.
Using this tool is as simple as optimizing your Knowledge Graph. Log onto your business listing in Google My Business, verify that the business really is yours, and click “Create Post” within the online editor. This is another feature my team can help you perfect.
The Importance of a Diversified SEO Portfolio
At the end of the day, the only way to drive more traffic – and ultimately more sales – to your business is by maintaining a diversified SEO portfolio. Studies show that 20-60% of website traffic comes from a diversified SEO approach. Meaning, it all matters: Google tools, your landing pages, website design and speed, social media, email campaigns and advertising efforts. All of these tools combined drive customer awareness to your business and your high profile brand, making you stand out against the noisy background of your competition.
This can easily become overwhelming, but don’t let it. Rome wasn’t built in a day and every successful venture takes time and strategy. Marketing firms like StraightFire Digital Marketing are here to help you navigate this complicated terrain while implementing the most cost-effective strategy to deliver you the success you need.

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