Top 2018 Website Buzzwords: Mobile Performance

Scroll Triggered Animation and More

Is Your Website 2018 Ready?
An outdated website can dramatically decrease conversions. Cluttered design distracts visitors from the conversion point; lack of modern upgrades can make a client mistrust your business and move on. Lots of white space and bold typography are the latest design trends, even for that call-to-action button. Coupled with these trends, developers have discovered an entirely new, modernized way to dominate mobile devices over the desktop. Modern mobile technology has guaranteed support for voice search, intelligent conversational bots, natural language processing, and geo-location. These features and others will drive 2018’s website design trends:
If you’re looking for a quick 2018 upgrade to modernize your site, adding 360 degree cinemagraphs to your website pages or navigation menu is a great way to increase conversions. Fading into the past are heavy, sluggish videos… looking into the future are these quick snippets. Cinemagraphs maintain motion like a video, but offer a much faster connection with a product to the viewer. Speed and memorable imagery are essential to increasing conversions.
Scroll Triggered Animations
Web designers are no longer creating animation simply for flash and flare, we’re using them for a purpose: to increase engagement. The animation entices the user to keep scrolling down your website while continuing to educate them about the product. Drawing them down to their final destination; the conversion-point. Instead of a busy collection of menus and buttons, the site is alive and keeps viewers engaged through an experience.
Mobile Apps
Apps account for 89% of mobile media time. Apps will have the functionality of learning and reacting to your personal preferences and style. After Christmas shopping online, I’ve already experienced this Big Brother feeling of being analyzed by bots. Facebook, also, learns interests and then filters your feed accordingly. Look for these types of capabilities to become commonplace in 2018.
Natural Language Processing (NLP)
NLP technology will allow the computer to understand what the human is really asking — in more natural language. No more keywords and phrases like current search engines, but spoken language you understand, and your mobile device understands. It makes me pause about the possibilities this has in creating a safer driving experience by simply speaking into a mobile device and have it respond with clear, accurate information. A modern website with the technology to talk to you and help you navigate, can be compared to looking at a restaurant menu and having a server immediately on hand to answer all your questions.
2018 Ready
StraightFire is a cutting edge web design team ready to create a beautiful, high-performance website for 2018. We make it our business to stay current with the ever-changing demands of the consumer so you don’t have to. We consider ourselves experts in the design and development of all internet marketing and website development.

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