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Dry Your Eyes

I’m not easily taken by surprise by much these days, but when I went head first into social media marketing as another career path I quickly came to the realization that it was both stressful and addicting. Surprise! Who me? Addicted? The good news is – that along this path I have learned some helpful strategies that I so lovingly want to pass along, hopeful that it will give a much wider perspective than what our tiny screens are limited to.
Should I Be on All Channels?
No. It’s simply not practical and often impossible to be fully active on every platform. You might think you need to jump onto any and all of the popular platforms out there, but don’t be fooled and do some research. Will a C Level Executive do well on Snapchat and Instagram? Probably much better on LinkedIn and Facebook. When you’re spread too thin across too many social media platforms, you’re not able to give your best platforms the attention they need for maximum ROI. You don’t have to ignore other platforms completely either. Instead, consider posting small messages or “teaser posts” that peaks viewer curiosity and gives them a quick and easy reason to go straight to your website. Backlinks to your website help position you to a higher ranking on Google. Hint!
Comparison Kills Contentment
Honestly, how often do you see someone check-in at the Dollar Store, boast about their divorce, or post pictures of their frozen chicken nuggets? Seldom, right? Instead, we tend to highlight the positive aspects of our businesses and lives, if only to compete with everyone else who is doing the same thing. Do not be deceived. No one’s life or business is as perfect as it seems on social media. Take a deep breath and remember how hard you’ve worked to get where you are and ignore the rest. Don’t waste precious hours viewing others tweet count, likes, or re-posts. Press on and stay focused on your business goals and stay true to your strategy and you will succeed also.
Get Expert Advice
Start with a social media plan that is consistent and predictable. Monthly schedules that call out days for posting, blogging, research, and email campaigns that are prescheduled will save you a ton of stress. Nothing like planning ahead, especially for any upcoming holiday windows of time. Choose a look and feel for your postings that blend with your business brand and mission statement. If you are a small business, there may still be times when all the activity you’re in charge of can prove impossible to manage. It’s important to seek help as soon as you begin to feel overwhelmed as waiting could potentially harm your brand by delayed posts and responses.
What Really Matters Most
Don’t let social media stress you out. Put down your device, step away from your computer and enjoy the life you have today.

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