Turn Your Landing Page Bla’s Into Conversions

Turn Your Landing Page Bla’s Into Conversions

Landing Page Defined: A landing page is a distinct page on your website where visitors traffic to. Unlike blog or product pages, a landing page’s main source of traffic comes from ads such as an AdWords listing. Landing pages are optimized for a single, prominent purpose that can have one of two propositions:

1) Click-Through: Click-through landing pages warm visitors up for a sale. For example, a page that is sprinkled with “learn more” or “contact us” buttons are going to link to the main website where potential customers will find more reason to contact you. The look of these landing pages is eye-candy, and the longer in pixels, the better. They promote one main aspect of what your business offers, enticing the viewer to learn more by clicking on a link that takes them to your website.

2) Lead-Generation: Lead generation landing pages have a prominent fill-in form and the main goal is to get useful information out of visitors such as an email address for email campaigns. This form often contains several fields and a call-to-action “submit” button. The look of these landing pages are simple one main visual and a fill-in form. Some reasons to fill out a form could be to receive an ebook download, email newsletter, a free consultation, event registration, and more.

Decrease Your Bounce Rate with an Effective Landing Page

• Simple simon. Everything, really. Nothing is worse than a cluttered and confusing landing page that will bounce visitors if they don’t understand your message quickly. Don’t include any visual elements or copy that isn’t beneficial to the conversion goal.

• Only feature one offer on your page. Your landing page needs to have a singular conversion focus.

• Use a dominate visual or photo, but don’t use obvious cheesy stock photos. Visitors bounce when they see cheesy stock photos, especially if they’ve seen them elsewhere. Look for distinctive, quality stock photos- it’s worth the investment.

• Consider an explainer video. Explainer videos are great for highlighting the benefits, and people love to watch videos.

• Use whitespace or solid color space (leaving parts of the page untouched) to bring attention to important aspects of your landing page. This helps draw attention to focal points of your landing page such as your call-to-action button.

• Use descriptive copy on your call-to-action button. This is to ensure that leads know what they’re signing up for. Descriptive copy has been known to increase conversion rates.

• Keep form fields to a minimum, five or less. You don’t want to intimidate your visitors and have them bounce because your form has too many fields.

Last But In No Way the Least
Make sure your landing page reflects the same message that drew your visitor. Whether social media, AdWords or through other forms of advertising, consistency is extremely important for decreasing your bounce rate. Same keywords should be used from your ad to your landing page.

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